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What is MkDocs?

The description on the MkDocs site is:

Project documentation with Markdown.

MkDocs is a Python tool that generates a static site based on content written in Markdown.

If you are new to markdown, see the Getting Started page on the Markdown Guide website.


Reasons to use MkDocs

  • Create an elegant, modern docs site for your project.
  • Create a static site and serve from GitHub Pages easily.
  • Low-code solution
    • No need to write HTML or learn templating syntax needed
    • Use your existing markdown files as content.
    • Configure with a simple YAML file.
  • Customizable.
    • Add custom HTML if you want.
    • Plugins available.
    • Flexible theme choices.
  • Includes search by default.
  • Broken links to files (including from your navbar) will be detected at build time and shown as warnings.

Do I need to know Python?

MkDocs is built in Python (like Sphinx), but you don't have to write Python code. If you set up a Deploy flow right, you don't even have to set it up locally, though then you can't preview.