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MkDocs Quickstart

Started template for a MkDocs docs site on GH Pages - including CI

Repo stars

Use the MkDocs (make docs) tool to create build a docs site around markdown docs.

Follow the tutorial to add an existing project or create a project from scratch. The result will look like this project.


How to use this project

  • Follow the tutorial instructions
    • Install and configure a new or existing project.
    • Run it locally.
    • Deploy it.
  • Add a copy of this project to your repos
    • Use this template
  • View the live demo
    • This site is hosted on GitHub Pages. See if you like it. Other themes are available - see the tutorial.

The aim here is not be complete or explain all concepts. It is to provide a reference for common steps and choices needed when setting up a docs site, but still at a beginner-friendly level.

This guide is based on the tutorial.