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Build and deploy to a remote public site

See Deploying Your Docs on the Mkdocs site for more details.

GitHub Pages

How to deploy your docs site to GitHub Pages.

Follow one of the approaches below:

Then go to your repo's Settings and Pages then enable GitHub Pages on the gh-pages branch's root.

Note this is for a Project Page on a subpath, you will have to make adjustments to the command below if you want an Organization or User Page on the root path.

Run deploy command

Run a MkDocs CLI command locally to deploy

MkDocs needs to know where to publish commits on GitHub - so make sure you are working with a repo that you cloned, or that you initialize the local repo and add a remote repo.

Run this command locally:

$ make d

That will use Makefile to run the following:

$ mkdocs gh-deploy --strict --force

That will do the following:

  1. Clean and build to site directory.
  2. Force push to gh-pages branch, overwriting any changes which were pushed from another build.

Then go to your repo on GitHub, look at the Environment tab.

When it is done building, click View deployment to see your site.


See deploy options in the help:

$ mkdocs gh-deploy --help

Deploy with GitHub Actions

Set up continuous deployment config to enable deploys on a change to files on GitHub

When you make changes to your docs config or the docs directory, especially editing on GitHub directly, it's often useful to have the docs site build and deploy automatically in a remote environment. This is provided for free by GitHub.

See the docs.yml workflow provided with this project. You don't have to change anything there. The token will be generated for you by GitHub Actions.