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Beyond the basic configuration and content

Once you've got the Set up Project section, you can customize further using this guide. Or skip this and go to Usage.

You can add an additional level to your navbar like this:

  - Home:
  - About:
  - Foo:
      - Overview: foo/
      - Bar: foo/

The value can either be a string (as in the first case) or a map (as in the last case). This seems to be a YAML limitation but see also issue #1139.

Add config options

See Configuration page on MkDocs site for options.

Separate docs directory approach

You can also structure your project to have the set up above nested inside a docs directory. This is useful you have a few other directories and you want to keep the project root clean.

  • docs/
    • docs/
    • theme/
      • main.html
      • nav.html
      • toc.html
    • mkdocs.yml

An example of this is the Poetry repo. That project is also how I got into MkDocs in the first place.


To embed a gist, just copy and paste the embed script URL which is provided on a gist.


<script src=""></script>